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History of Jim Herrin Memorial 5K/10K

In May 1996, the Robins Pacers Running Club began sponsoring the annual Road Race that came to be known as the Jim Herrin Memorial Stampede as a memorial to the late Jim Herrin, past president of the Robins Pacers. The proceeds of this race were split evenly each year to fund two annual one-time scholarships for a senior boy and a girl graduating from a high school in Houston County. After 18 years, the Pacers leadership decided to discontinue the race. 2013 was the last year the race was held. They weren't getting any younger, and who knew when it would be their time to join Jim in that great Stampede in the sky! Many thanks to all the runners and volunteers who have helped to make this race a huge success over the years.

Jim Herrin Memorial Scholarships

While honoring Jim was a major motivation for the race, we were also doing it for the kids. So, we it was decided to continue the scholarship program as long as there was money in the bank from timing other races. Every spring, the Scholarship Committee for the Robins Pacers mailed application forms and instructions to the counselors of each high school in Houston County. Each high school was allowed to nominate one boy and one girl and it was left to the high school as to how they selected their nominees. Then the Scholarship Committee evaluated the nominations and selected the winners. Winners were selected based on academic achievements and track and cross country participation.

2017 Scholarship Winners

Our Scholarship Committee decided to award three scholarships this year. Nathan Szakal and Winter Williams are 2017 winners from The Westfield School. Carson Meilinger from Warner Robins High School also received a 2017 scholarship. Congratulations to Carson, Nathan, and Winter! Unfortunately, the award of these three scholarships depleted our funds and it was decided to discontinue the award of scholarships in future years.